Hey, I’m James. I’m a multidisciplinary software developer, software architect, website developer and father! I manage an international team of engineers and developers. Together, we build really cool things. I live in Destin, Florida – one of the most beautiful places in the world. I hang out at Starbucks a lot.

“What kind of software developer are you?”

Well, I don’t simply develop software – I develop ideas! I build mobile apps, websites, businesses and relationships. And don’t forget kids! Check out what I do then look at a few selections of my work to see why my clients depend on me — and why you can, too.

Have questions about software development?

Or website development? How about selling products on Instagram or questions about music for that matter (did I mention I’m an musician)? Now, you can ask me anything (AMA)! Visit my Q&A, ask a question and I’ll answer it as quick as may be.

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