Have you ever had an idea whose aspect seemed better in your mind than it was in reality. Ever had one hold on for a long time? Like, years? I have. It was/is called The Inception Theory. I thought the idea of a company named The Inception Theory was so cool and clever and smart and penetrating. Too bad it’s hard to spell. I mean, seriously – is a pretty long email address.

Often over the past 6 years people have said to me, “That name is long.” Or, “Can you repeat that?” As a developer, this should have been a clue to me that something was wrong. But my unrealistic affinity for the idea clouded my judgement.

Until now.

As I begin to turn more focus on my freelancing career, I’ve come to realize that the name and idea is far better in my mind than it truly is. So I’m simplifying. Rebooting. A new year’s resolution – but a month early. Welcome to This if far less egotistical than it sounds, too – I think. I’m doing this for my customers. Friends. Family. Anyone who cares at all about anything I might say or do professionally. Now it’s easier to find it.

Was it a good idea to simplify? As a developer and a musician, I know the answer. Yes. But tell me, what do you think?