Email Marketing Management

Email is still the most used and most effective form of digital communication. And for marketers, it’s still the number one online method for direct response from customers. I develop, design and execute email campaigns and reengagement models that focuses on engagement and conversion.

Social Media

Social Media is all the rage, but what does it even mean and how can it help your grow your business? Social media can be a very powerful tool for your company, but it takes more than just a Facebook page to get the job done. I help companies develop and execute comprehensive social media plans that help keep their brand in front of their customers and help them find new customers.

Online Advertising

Online advertising is an effective tool that can bring your company new business, but if you don’t pay attention to the details, it can be a waste of money with little results. I help companies set up a comprehensive online marketing plan that includes email, social and online advertising to strike the right balance that brings in new customers and keeps old customers coming back.

Search Optimization (SEO)

Online search is a key component in a successful online marketing campaign. I provide a comprehensive approach to help identify opportunities in online search to improve your website’s position in organic search results. My online search programs also focus on local search as well, providing a more holistic approach to search optimization.

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