Sandestin Sparkling Wine Festival

Email Campaign:

The Sandestin Sparkling Wine Festival kicks off the holiday season with a sparkling event! Guests stroll the streets inside the Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort lined in twinkling lights and greenery, sipping a variety of champagnes and tasting featured menu items from various Village restaurants. When it comes to the sparkling wines they feature, they trust their connoisseurs. When it comes to their email marketing, they trust the design connoisseurs at IWDFF. IDFF trusts the code connoisseur known as James Lopez.

The link above is one in a series of several email campaigns that were sent to tens of thousands of people in major markets across the Southeast.

Note: The design portion of the campaign was completed by I Will Design for Food. My responsibility was coding the HTML email to ensure delivery and consistency across devices, platforms and email providers. Also, I very rarely speak of myself in the third person. If you have a suggestoin on how to fix the sentence above, please let me know.