Spacewalk Point of Sale (POS)

This point of sale software product is available to license! Email me to learn more.

Every year, a shallow area in the Choctawhatchee Bay explodes in daily population. Near Destin, FL this area is only accessible via boat or paddle board. It’s called Crab Island, and during spring and summer, it fills up with good people and good times. Well, for the last few years, something new is popping up on Crab Island: a bouncy toy area. These toys and slides are a ton of fun for kids and adults.

The Custom Point of Sale

The proprietors of the toys wanted a point of sale tool that controlled access to the toys. They also needed a way to accept payments and track transactions on the harsh environment of the bay. So, I developed a complete, integrated point of sale system. The POS uses Java for the backend. For management and analytics, it uses HTML/CSS/PHP/JavaScript. And for processing payments and access control, it uses iOS.

The system’s engineering allows for use at multiple locations. The backend is also engineered to track actual inventory of the toys, including their location and the amount of use. This data provides key analytics to managers and owners about the equipment.

The backend is hosted in the cloud. The network infrastructure design handles large traffic volume for guest presales. So, guests can buy before arriving on site.

Note: this software product is available to license! Email me to learn more.