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songerial asked 10 months ago

Do you know that health is very important for us, if we want to live healthy we are not only enough to exercise but from sleep patterns must also be enough and we also have to pay attention to the food we consume whether it is healthy or not, food from my tips so that our lives are healthy is
1 eat lots of vegetables such as spinach, tomatoes, wotel, apples, well spinach is certainly very petrified in our growth to be more energetic in acting and tvball7 carrots whose function is in addition to being good at eating it also functions as a petrifying enlightening vision for our eyes.
2 Side dishes, danging, milk, eggs, the following four foods are complementary so that our lives are healthier than meat and egg milk, of course there is a lot of protein that makes our body healthy and for dessert I recommend eating grapes, apples or bananas, well friends only this much I can say about 4 healthy 5 perfect and for example image 4 healthy 5 perfect I have provided above.