February? Already?!

This year is already passing quickly. It’s hard to believe January is gone. Wait – we’re halfway through February! It feels like I’ve been launched from a man-cannon at a circus. I hope there’s a net for the landing! As I’m writing this blog post,…

75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

Here’s to all the servicemen and servicewomen in the armed forces who have served our country and paid the ultimate price for our freedom. We remember you, 75 years later. Read more about the Attack on Pearl Harbor.

Are Convenience and Service Inversely Proportional?

It was miserable and raining tonight. A rainy December in Northwest Florida typically means cold, too. Cold. Wet. Blah. That basically describes the scene. Oh – and add an almost flat tire with low pressure. I decided to stop by one of the newest gas…


Have you ever had an idea whose aspect seemed better in your mind than it was in reality. Ever had one hold on for a long time? Like, years? I have. It was/is called The Inception Theory. I thought the idea of a company named…

6 Benefits of Responsive Design

Responsive design commonly describes a website that works well on mobile devices and desktop (or laptop) computers. Responsive design goes beyond making websites “mobile friendly”. It is a methodology that gives website owners major benefits while ensuring accessibility regardless of the devices their visitors are using. Here are a few benefits of responsive design.


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